Cavs keeping Ricky Rubio?

By | April 4, 2005

A return to Cleveland depends on several factors. It’s too soon to say one way or another. But Rubio enjoyed his time in Cleveland and his good buddy — Jose Calderon — is in the front office.

The Cavs like Rubio just as much, if not more.

They never doubted his importance they were even betting live on him to succeed. But if there was ever a question, the team’s regression answers that — emphatically. Rubio went down in late December, prompting the Cavs to put him in the LeVert deal, using that expiring contract as a trade chip. They haven’t been the same team since the injury.

Rubio’s contract with the Cavs comes to an end this summer. He will be a free agent right after recovering from injury. “How concerned I am? Zero. I’ve already made my money in the NBA. It’s all up to me, how I recover from injury. I’m in no rush, I’m not going to say anything until June unless something extraordinary happens. My only goal is to recover from a knee injury.”