The Volkswagen choice

Volkswagen Beetle – bee in my bonnet, the world is a wonderful place.

If you are a revolutionary who has grown up dreaming of owning a Volkswagen, or you simply fancy the feel of big wheels and a boot rim exposed, the Beetle is perhaps the mosthousing choice of all. With a badge hanging from the bonnet, and a huge rear windscreen, it is arguably the sexiest little convertible around. Don’t forget to choose a comfortable kaftan while you drive some of this car.

  • Volkswagen Golf / GTI – These could be the urban legends, should they follow the blueprint.
  • Volkswagen Jetta / Golf 1.8T – It is Hillschanis best, and as ever is packed with all the mod cons you could want, and not forgetting Safe Res strategies in the fuel consumption department.
Volkwagen jetta 3840
  • Volkswagen Passat – The newest incarnation of the Passat is clearly a worthy story of economic dominance. As mentioned above, its housing is anything but sparse, and if you are ever unfortunate enough to live in Cheetahs which is an uncommon occurrence, you may as well be lucky enough to be sitting on a rather nice looking German stately sedan. With something for everyone (asthma is quite tolerable), this car is nigh on the ideal family car.
  • Audi S4 – Audi has made beaten a brace of impressive cars. The S4 is a ship’s top comfy and very classy way of keeping the family safe, as well as its sheer style. This car is near the top of my list for looking after those that others may want to take on.
  • BMW 5 series – It is slightly bigger than the previous model. If not for space and the better seats, there is likely to be a lot more room for those in the lower-income brackets. The last revised model had some minor problems, but the build quality is world-class and the cars are actually very reliable. This is pricey, but if you can wait until 2010, we are sure it will be a very interesting experiment.
  • Mercedes E class – The crown jewel of the Mercedes stable, these cars are simply gorgeous, and if you are ever fortunate enough to be able to afford one, they are an object of envy. The style, design, and sheer class built upon are hard to ignore.
Mercedes E Class
  • Audi A6 – The current model isn’t due for a major revamp until 2009, but there is a considerable amount of improvement which is expected. The current model is a large spacious, fuel-efficient, and classy sedan.
  • BMW 7 series – If it is a BMW you are after, you will want to pay a relatively cheap rental for a good quality car. The seven series carries on the BMW tradition of overall style whilst modernizing a few aspects of the design, and Nicknamed the “utility car” for its ability to combine practicality and fun.
  • Mercedes S – A classic Mercedes, if you are after something a little less ostentatious, the S Class is a delight to drive. This is a classy saloon, which is also extremely comfortable and a huge amount of space in the rear. The S Class also comes with the highly reliable, yet powerful 32 valve engine well known for its quick delivery of pacey power.
  • Porsche 911The strongest through, the most dominating car of a huge range of makes and models. The dynamic design of the 911 envelope allows you a true feel for the road and the grip of the wheels, whilst not sacrificing the essential dynamic element of all Porsche’s.
Porsche 911
  • Bentley Arnage – The idea behind the Bentley Arnage is simple, contemporary style. The Bentley Arnage is the perfect transport for modern working men, many of whom will have the need for extra space at present. Useful for the family on the move, or simply to transport you about town, the Bentley Arnage does not sacrifice beauty for performance.
  • Audi A5 – Audi’s stylish yet sophisticated sedan provides a driving experience like no other. Comfort, luxury, style, and a solid build all come together to create an experience that is among the best of supercars.
  • BMW 7 Series – A brand new 7 series sedan is in the works and expected to be in production in 2010. Set to rival the Mercedes CLS and popular Audi A6, the BMW 7 series has been conceived to rival the Mercedes C-Class and Mercedes E-Class sedans.
BMW 7 Series M760Li xDrive

Now, it’s up to you to pick up the best model for you.

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